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Offal and Noffal at Lee’s Garden

I just realized that I hadn’t written an offal review in a while, so I’m here to rectify it.  Actually, this post will review both an offal dish and a noffal dish.  What is “noffal”?  Just a silly neologism for … Continue reading

2012 July 18 by The Offalo
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Lengua Perfecta: FIG’s Braised Tongue

Growing up, I’d sometimes have duck tongue at the really authentic Chinese restaurants in New York or Boston.  I’ll generally give the sliced tongue sandwich at a new-to-me Jewish deli at least one try.  And of course, living in Los … Continue reading

2012 July 01 by The Offalo
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Ad Hoc Farewell to Foie Gras at FIG

As I write this at 12:30 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning, I wonder if the people at Animal, which is open until 1 AM, have been able to order foie gras for the past half hour, since it’s now July 1st … Continue reading

2012 July 01 by The Offalo
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