Lengua Perfecta: FIG’s Braised Tongue

Growing up, I’d sometimes have duck tongue at the really authentic Chinese restaurants in New York or Boston.  I’ll generally give the sliced tongue sandwich at a new-to-me Jewish deli at least one try.  And of course, living in Los Angeles, I’ve taken to using a taqueria’s tacos de lengua as a measure of how much I like the place.

So when I went to FIG for the first time a little over a week ago for their FIG at Five promotion (nearly everything 50% off, including drinks, when ordered between 5 PM and 6 PM) and saw the Braised Tongue, Tomatillo, Breakfast Radish [$12, $6 for FIG at Five] on the menu, I knew I had to try it.

Braised Tongue at FIG (© 2012 Offal Offal)

Braised Tongue at FIG (© 2012 Offal Offal)

Chef Ray Garcia grew up in East L.A., I presume eating his mom’s Mexican home cooking, and I’ve got to imaging him scarfing down a dish of something similar to this back home.  This is simply the best lengua I’ve had.

The slices of tongue are delicate yet robust.  The tomatillo has a little bit of a kick, but it sneaks up behind you after the wave of tartness, which both enhances and tempers the beefy-fattiness of the tongue, hits you first.  The small portion of diced tongue evokes the tacos de lengua I’m used to having around town.

This is a dish I would order every time at FIG.  The only reason why I didn’t on my second visit to FIG was because I was on a foie-finding mission.  Next time I go to FIG, I will likely order all new dishes with the goal of eventually tasting everything on the menu.  But I will have one repeat:  Chef Garcia’s braised tongue with tomatillo.  Lengua Perfecta.

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2012 July 01 by The Offalo
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