Why Start a Blog?

I had only recently started submitting reviews on Yelp and posting to Chowhound when I conceived of this blog, as I immediately started running into limitations in both environments:

  • On Yelp, my reviews often exceeded the maximum character limit, and I did not like that submitting an update to a review essentially hides the previous reviews of the same business.
  • On Chowhound, I had inadvertently violated a community rule my first week on the site, leaving me unable to recommend a restaurant that I truly love and want very much to succeed (Spoiler Alert:  Shunji Japanese Cuisine).

The most galling limitation was the fact that neither site allows embedded inline images in reviews.  This means that readers have to clumsily to switch back and forth between descriptions of specific dishes and their respective photos on both sites.

However, I will continue to contribute to both Yelp and Chowhound, even as I build my blogs, since both sites do have their strengths, the former in searching and aggregation of reviews, and the latter in lively discussions and sense of community.

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