Why Start Two Blogs?

I know food blogs are dime-a-dozen on the internet, but here on Offal Offal, I hope to distinguish myself by focusing on dishes containing ingredients relatively unexplored and unpopular in this country:  offal.

I really wanted to narrow the scope of the blog, so that if I tried 11 different dishes at FIG, which I did recently, I didn’t feel obligated to come up with a long review covering every dish.  By giving myself the freedom to focus just on the one or two dishes containing offal, I figured I would post more frequently.

At the same time, I do enjoy writing long-form reviews that take my readers through my experience at a restaurant.  So, rather than dilute the focus of Offal Offal, I decided to start The Offalo as well, which is a more traditional restaurant-review blog, covering a variety of cuisines; I may even post on topics not related to food…

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